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Behold, Pavlov’s Bell


So, making the transition to three kids took our entire pregnancy, and I am still learning how to juggle it all.  So, for the benefit of those of you making the transition (even if it's just to TWO kids), I'll share some of my secrets to staying sane.

Here is SECRET #1:  Our beloved White Noise Machine.  It was difficult to get Ash to stay asleep longer than ten minutes – not because we tried to avoid all noise – but because the noises were so sporadic and sudden.  The ice machine.  A phone call.  Evyn suddenly shrieking about something.  If the house could stay noisy, I don't think it would have been such a problem.  But it was mostly quiet.  Until something startling would happen and then all my hopes for a decent nap for Ash would go out the window.  ENTER the white noise machine.  About forty-fifty bucks and worth every penny.  Don't bother with those tinny recordings of white noise.  You need real swooshing.  I heart this machine. 

Of course, now our house stays plenty noisy.  But we use it as a sort of "cue" to Little Man that it's time to sleep.  Works like a charm. 

NON-Superwoman - Kudos to you on juggling life with 3 kids. I have been a firm believer in white noise since my first born. I don’t know how mommies do without it.

Crystal - I’ve often thought about putting one in every room!

Mom - “Back in the day” you either (a) put the baby in the car seat and drove around the block multitudinous times or (b) turned on the vacuum cleaner to help them get to sleep… or, more often than not, simply toughed it out and let them cry (think “nails on chalkboard”!!) Oh, what I wouldn’t have given to have one of these gadgets back then!

Leslie - i am going to try to keep this advice close. i am expecting my third and know that we are going to need something for the nights and naptimes

Laura - Hi, I just found your blog and LOVE your pictures. I’m wondering if you could share the brand and name of paint in your bathroom…the light blue/gray one? Thanks!

crystal1011 - Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams.