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You would think exiting the Army would boost a marriage instantly.  In some ways, it has.  But our relationship has also suffered in all kinds of ways we couldn't have imagined.  We have a beautiful life, some really great friends, and three marvelous children.  But getting out of the Army exposed all kinds of holes we didn't know were there – that we had missed or overlooked while enduring the stress and chaos that war, deployments, and moves brought on.  Those years in the Army were a constant rush – hails, farewells, new friends, goodbyes, deployments, missions, ftxs, some new exciting or awful place around the corner…there was an almost predictable ebb and flow of activity that kept us constantly distracted. 

And now here we are.  Sometimes feeling less connected than ever, even though we are always within inches, feet, or just a few miles of each other.  Weird, right?  We get very little real time together.  So we hired a babysitter for Saturday.  And have spent all week looking forward to it.  And last night I finally picked up a piece of paper that had been floating around the girls' room for several days. 


Evyn has this incredible visual memory, and these days they take shape on paper.  I asked her about this one.  "It's you and Daddy holding hands outside," she smiled.  I looked at her quizzically.  I couldn't remember the last time we'd held hands anywhere.  But she insisted – "You and Daddy were outside, and you were holding hands.  I remember.  I don't remember what day, though." 

What a serendipitous, sweetly packaged little gift from God this week.  

And Evyn requested I hang it on our door, so we can look at it and enjoy it. 

Amber - what an amazing little drawing and such a sweet reminder from the Lord – hoping you have a great day tomorrow and just have fun with each other! We get like that at times too – always nice to take some time alone and re-connect!

yvonne - perfect timing :) you should scan it so if something ever happens to the original you have it saved. it’s definitely a treasure.

Wren - amazing! God is good!

Debra - Just stopped by to say that I love your blog…So much so that I put it on my blog roll on my new blog: I hope that you can stop by; and I will be back to check on yours often!

Mimi - Just found your blog and LOVE it! I’ll be back by to check on you!

Dayna - That is absolutely precious!

bridget - wow. what a fab reminder of what it can be like as a couple in the middle of… real life. found your blog while searching for a swaddle tutorial. off to sew one up to use for 5 day old baby gus (!) jsut waiting for the last feed of evening. you know how it is! bridget

Brianna - I think someone is really busy being an exceptional mommy to three gorgeous kids… but oh how I miss your posts… so whenever you can.. come back! 😉

Pam - We have recently departed from the Army and I know how you feel! Great little drawing, it tells it all!