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the final days of summer…

EvLastPicofSummer 033web

I know.  It's September.  The final days of summer were weeks ago for most.  This blog has been on the bottom of a very long list that includes three small children, a household, photography, client galleries, etc…but I miss it.  I miss all of my dear readers.  I am going to resolve to post a bit more.

I took this picture after waking up one morning, panicked by the sudden realization that my oldest daughter was about to start Kindergarten  – and I had spent most of the summer at my computer instead of with her, much less contemplating these final days before "real" school.  I cried a little, forced to digest that time really does move forward whether we're ready or not.  And regretting that I hadn't used more of it to be more present with my girls.

I decided to shut down my work and computer for a few hours that afternoon, and decided to work on a small project with Evyn.

More than a year ago, Evyn started talking down to herself.  She seemed sincerely hard on herself.  So I turned to a promise in scripture, and wrote it out for her on a slip of paper, repeating it for her when I thought she needed to hear it.  Some time ago I ran across the paper, and decided to use it in our project:

EvBracelet 012
Evyn was excited to finally use the fabric markers that had been lingering out of reach in the top basket of our "craft tower," and when she was done you could barely see the words buried in rainbows and hearts and swirls (which is why I snapped this picture midway).

A few tries with a mallet and snaps later, we had this quasi-80's accessory:

EvBracelet 022

If you buy a pair of very expensive jeans, do not attempt to color your hair in them several hours after purchase.  Because they will wind up being a very expensive craft project.

Rhonda from California - Crystal, your posts bring me joy when I read them. In the midst of hard times, you find ways like with Evyn to bring joy to her, and your sharing brings joy to others. What a beautiful way to lift up your child. Smile today, you made me smile!

Becky - I’ve been enjoying your blog for more than a year, but I don’t think I’ve ever commented. I love this idea! My oldest just started kindergarten too and I would love for him to have a reminder that he is a child of God when he’s facing the world alone! I’ll have to figure out a boy version.

Crystal - Becky, Boy Version: do a corduroy & denim piece that hangs on a sort of key-ring that you can attach to his backpack zipper or hang from a belt loop…

Christie - I love this. I am a 24-year old hard-on-herself over achiever, and I still need this reminder! I wish I had a rad denim cuff, but this print from etsy does the job as well:×7-i-am-a-child-of-god-multi
I love that she is owning that truth so early.

carrie Brock - very cute idea!