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bummer. (Rocky Mount, NC photographer and NON-techperson)

Three things (I actually talk like this – in outline form):

1.  I am SO sorry for the chirping crickets around here.   No one who knows me would call me Quiet, but this has been the one place I actually haven’t been chatty enough.   I love my my three children, my hubby with long hours and Guard duty, AND I insist on also taking good care of my clients – so much that the blog  fell way down my list.   But I am back up for air and I’ll be catching up!

2.  I will be adding a new feature – a Client Site just for my treasured clients.  Instead of having to endure my long-winded emails, clients will have a place just for all those bits of information they need – what to wear, what to expect at the session, payment and ordering info, etc.

3.  In the process of setting up the shell for Said Client Site, I somehow messed up my Photography Blog.  All of my posts.  Were deleted.  Totally annoying, but kind of made me grateful that I’d been so quiet this summer.  Thankfully, I was able to retrieve several cached posts.

Oh, and this image?  Has nothing to do with this post, but I couldn’t post without a picture, and I love this one so much: