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to be six again…

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Tonight Evyn sat with Daddy and reviewed the "All About Me" book that she made at the beginning of this year in Kindergarten.  One page was dedicated to What I Want To Be When I Grow Up.  Her answer: a Policeman.  Evyn frowned. "Well, I should have put 'a Rock Star.'"  Because, you know, her original answer was soooo two months ago.  Then she pondered.  "Well, I can do both.  I'll be policeman during the day and a rock star at night."  She elaborated, matter of factly: "I'll be a grown up someday.  I'm six now.  Soon I'll be twenty.  I just have to get through the easy numbers first."

Ah, those easy numbers.  I miss them.

Laura - Haha. I love it!