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DIY: photo-themed Christmas tree (Rocky Mount, NC, crafty photographer)

Have I ever told you I’m one of those (obnoxious) crafty types – the ones who spray paint everything?  I am.  Well, I used to be more so.  Now I have a million things on my plate so I don’t get to crafty stuff as much.  This one is an easy one – and I thought I’d share it with my photo-happy friends out there who want to try.  This little tree goes in the dining room and greets folks who come in the house.

To make the photo-ornaments:

1.  Choose various size and shapes of frames from the dollar store.  Don’t worry about the color.  We’re going to spray-paint them (did that make you shiver a bit?).  Choose smaller and “larger” sizes (up to 4×6).  They’re cheap, which means they’re light.

2.  Paint them.  I spray-painted a few black and a few gold.

3. Hot glue a loop of black ribbon to the back, like so:

Insert your pictures and you’re done!

Some notes:

  • I chose all black and white photos.  I thought it suited the black and gold well.  But you could do color photos and paint your frames pink and teal, red and green, or some other colorful combo.
  • You can find these frames at the dollar store and in the dollar bins at Michael’s.  They’re harder to find further into the season.
  • The gold poinsettias are sold in bunches at Michael’s and are always on sale this time of year.  Just pluck them apart, trim, and shove into the tree.
  • I had some ugly gold ribbon from the dollar bin at Michaels.  I trimmed it into a bunch of pieces (“bird peak” the ends) and threw it over random branches.  You could tie yours into bows.
  • For a little color, I added the “paintbrush Santa” ornaments a friend gave me – also looks like a fun craft project.  But I can only do so much.
  • Yes, that is my daughter’s Care Bear taking a nap in the background of the first picture.