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Ashlyn’s First Trip to the ER

We knew it would come some day.  I've joked about it for a couple of years now.  Thankfully, it didn't turn out to be a big deal.  She fell and her teeth made a huge gash in her bottom lip -I had no clue how bad it was or if it would require stitches…so off to the ER we went.

Er 002
I had Evyn's camera in my purse from an earlier project today.  So you KNOW I totally whipped it out at a stop light, right? If you were a Facebook friend, you'd remember last year's EKG. But I digress…back to the bloody mess at hand.

Er 003

Poor James.  I called him at work – at the time I couldn't even figure out where the gush of blood was coming from.  So he panicked a little and met me at the ER.

Er 005

After the nurses cleaned her up we found a second boo-boo–this one on her chin.

Er 007

Of course the final verdict was – no stitches.  Just go home.  And wait for the bill.

But not before stopping for the most expensive popsicle this year.

Er 015
Yes, people were looking at me weird.  Who takes a dozen pictures of her kid at the emergency room?  Are you kidding?  As long as she's probably fine – AND sitting so pitifully in a wheelchair – ME:

Er 016

jan - This just breaks my heart — oh! how I remember flying to the ER, heart in my throat. The picture of itty bitty sitting on her daddy’s lap just made me choke right up. That’ll be throbbing for a while – give her hugs from Gramma ((hugs))

Erin Beck - She is so stinkin adorable even covered with her little blood all over her shirt. Her and Luke really need to get together:) So glad she is alright, love that you take pictures, so worth the memories

Amber - oh poor little thing – we had one of those this year with our four year old – a few stitches on her chin – but when they are that small they do seem so pitiful.

jenny gardner - I totally did the same thing last spring when Lyla fell/jumped off the couched and cut her chin open! Funny how people who love pictures will do that. Yes, I have the ER pics too!

Wren - poor baby! Glad she’s alright!
-an unknown fan!

Lucy - Whew! I’m glad she’s okay. She looks *so* pathetic =(.