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we were freezing (Rocky Mount, NC family photographer)

But you wouldn’t know it.  Don’t they look great?

If you know me, you know I take my work seriously.  But I try not to take myself too seriously.  And I’m not afraid to tell on myself for the sake of a laugh.  I have no clue what I said this time:

It’s not the image they picked to go over the fireplace, of course.  But it was one of my favorites because I know how much Annual Picture Day means to this family and how concerned Mom was about everything going smoothly.  And, really, I know how much effort all of my clients go through before a session.  It can be stressful.  And the last thing I want is for families (moms, really) to be too stressed to enjoy the session, in part because it will show in the images.  And because life is just too short.

I think this mom agreed.  I could tell she was feeling “too blessed to be stressed.”  How else could you explain letting her little girl run around like this after carefully spending an entire evening straightening her hair?

They had fun.  And so did I.  Thanks for choosing me again, Mrs. R!