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why I chose to bottle-feed

So here it is: an explanation.  Not because I need to justify myself.  But for the comfort of moms out there who have been to hell and back with breastfeeding and feel the need to bury their head in shame when whipping out a bottle of (gasp!) formula for Baby.  Me, I'm pretty unashamed at […]

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those blue eyes

I think I was about twenty when I met James.  My car had been hit by a deer (yes, it is my contention the deer hit ME) and had already been in the shop for two weeks.  I was at the mercy of my roommate's social calendar if I wanted to do ANYthing.  I'd just […]

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almost here…

I can't believe The Boy is almost here.  Little brother.  Our son.  Terms I'm so unfamiliar with.  I wish we had time to get excited and contemplate it all but I'm afraid this little man is starting out every bit a "third child."  Our life is already pretty hectic, and getting worse with James' Guard […]

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Have a Colorful Valentines Day!

Ugh.  For the THIRD year in a row I've remembered that Evyn is having a Valentine's Day party, but forgotten to actually MAKE valentines with her to pass out.  This is supposed to be every crafty mom's favorite holiday – and you'll see little pretties all over blogland – pictures of children with paint and […]

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