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real men aren’t afraid of pink

…at least that's how I'm going to explain photos like this to Cam:

CamandJames 006web
Poor Third Baby with Two Older Sisters.  His baby tub was pink.  Half of his blankets are pink (and I totally walk out of the house with them).  I won't put him in a tutu, but he may wind up with a Dora the Explorer tricycle…

Wren - Your children are so precious :) Adorable!

Brianna - oh golly gee.. you make the cutest babies in the world!! All of your kids are gorgeous.I am so excited because I am finally expecting my first in May.. so i’m in baby world right now ;)Oh and I also loved your last post with the photos of your grandparents.. so precious!!

Iveta - Oh, so sweet,and he is so beautiful boy!!!
I have 2 girls and little boy too:)…and he also use pink sister’s staff…only at home:D!!!!