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Baby Book: I love how little kids think their parents can do ANYthing

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I remember going through a crocheting-spell (you know, two kids and a small business ago).  At the time I think Evyn thought I could make anything out of yarn.  It was incredibly sweet that she thought I was so amazing that I could just whip up a – desk – or pants – or whatever – out of yarn. 

She's six now.  And I literally catch myself tearing up a bit when it hits me that she will just keep growing up.  Not be so little…naive…innocent…someday.

Tonight the girls asked me to sing them to sleep.  So I spent a few short minutes on each of their beds.  I had a migraine this morning.  And I'm just not that talented, so I was actually laughing inside as I was singing to Evyn and thinking to myself, I wonder if she notices how terrible of a singer I am?  I mean the girl loves Taylor Swift.  Isn't it sweet that she still wants to listen to Mommy sing, too?  I kissed her on the forehead and started down the ladder to her bunk as her sweet little voice popped up, "Mommy, you should be on a stage.  I'm not kidding.  You should sing on a stage."  It made me giggle. "You should sing on a stage because I think other people would love to hear you, too."

Besides thinking what a sweet, thoughtful little girl I'm raising, it was another reminder of the power of words to encourage and lift up. 

Sidenote: I have known about blog books for a while now but recently found a fairly easy version to use, so my apologies in advance if you dear readers must endure some "listen to what my kid said" posts.  I normally post those to Facebook.  But since they've not made it very easy to archive statuses into a journal, I guess I'll be posting those here.  I can't count on my brain to recall it all for me, and really, I have to have memories like this For Keeps.