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Baby Book: sisters, friends.

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Evyn and Ashlyn were enjoying the mild weather outside this afternoon while J cleaned his truck and I rested on the couch.  I heard Ev come inside, apparently to get two cups of water – for the "sit playground" (aka the picnic bench; have I told you she has her own way of describing things?). 

Me: "That's awfully nice of you to get a glass of water for your sister, too."

Evyn, obviously proud of herself: "Yeah.  We're trying to spend time together.  I took Ashlyn on a walk around the house.  Showed her some ant holes and stuff.  She fell two times but I helped her up.  We're trying to be nice to each other and spend time with each other since we're mean to each other a lot.  So I'm trying to be nice today."

Six and three years old. 


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Jill - Your blog and photo’s are fantastic. I love these little girls feet! SO adorable!
And your kiddies are so darn cute. :)