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Monthly Archives: February 2011

back from Afterdark Vegas! (rocky mount, nc, photographer)

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to actually land in a Photovision dvd, I think this might be the closest thing to it.  Add very late nights, a few cirque du soleil performers, and a couple hundred very cool photographers and you have my trip to VEGAS for Afterdark. Quite possibly […]

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personal effects

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I imagine Willette had love and marriage in mind when she posted her photo challenge for the day: wedding bands/jewelry.  I actually have a very sentimental pair of wedding rings I could have photographed; rings that belong to my parents  – who are celebrating their anniversary today.  But for some […]

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day 13: routines

So, I guess this isn't technically a "routine."  She doesn't play with her tea set EVERY day.  But role-playing has become a recurring theme with Ashlyn and it's fun to watch.  What took me a little by surprise today was how well she was able to entertain herself for a stretch of time. I've often […]

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