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“what they wear”

If you ever hop over to my photo blog, you know I've joined a photo challenge this month. 

Today's challenge: what they wear.

This is Cam, wearing socks that he's been yanking at all day. 


You'll notice he's also sporting a new high chair.  This is what I'd like to call Third Baby High Chair.  Function over fashion.  The girls used a beautiful Eddie Bauer high chair that I bought for a couple of reasons – one of them being that the wood blended in with the furniture.  Yes, nice.  But this go-round I need space more than anything.  Enter the travel high chair.  That is now clamped to our table and looks more like it belongs in a carpenter's garage than our kitchen.  Besides being easier to move around it, it's also much easier to clean UNDER it.  And the cover simply goes in the wash at the end of the week (let's not pretend I cleaned the other high chair more often than that either).

Amber - ha ha – I love the “third baby chair” – it’s so true too! With our 4th we gave up on the high chair pretty quick (no room at all) and she just sat at the table (sort of) with the rest of us…that little chair would have been perfect!