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Today is Valentine’s Day, and I imagine Willette had love and marriage in mind when she posted her photo challenge for the day: wedding bands/jewelry.  I actually have a very sentimental pair of wedding rings I could have photographed; rings that belong to my parents  – who are celebrating their anniversary today.  But for some reason these rings came to mind.

Her personal effects.

I don’t know why, but I never liked the term.  Ironically, the term seemed impersonal to me.  Far too plain a phrase to describe what has become the last physical representation I have of her.  The last things I could ever hold.  Her promise rings from our parents.  Rings she treasured so much and held with such importance that the last time she stayed with me she refused to take them off before bedtime, even after I complained that her fingers would swell.

The last time she stayed with me.

I have almost lost them twice.  And both times I was so frantic I became almost physically ill.   The thought of losing those rings was like losing her.  I know better now.  That our 18 years together as sisters is woven into my life in a way that can never be lost.


Today was the first time I’d taken them out in a long time.  On a day about love, it seems fitting.

Mom - just came back from taking a small stuffed bear with angel wings out to lora’s grave, reminiscing on the drive home of the last-ever valentine’s box i sent her feb 99.. how crazy happy it made her to receive, how crazy happy it made me then hearing her ecstatic voice on the phone, how unbelievably grateful i am today for sending that box… came home & decided to get caught up on your various ‘places of posting’ – and saw this picture. stopped me in my tracks. made my heart catch in my throat. and blessed/warmed my heart to hear your ‘lora story’ of these rings. how blessed we’ve been to have shared her short life <3 love u, c xo

Yasher - Absolutely gorgeous shot!