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Monthly Archives: February 2011

when your wings are feeble

I heard this song at church last Sunday, sung by a church member – honestly and beautifully.  I was touched. If I could I would send a copy to everyone I know who is exhausted under the weight of stress, hardship, tragedy, expectations, worldly-ness, or self-doubt. “My heart is restless in me; My wings are […]

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evyn said

This afternoon as I was passing by the girls, cuddled together under a blanket and watching Stuart Little… E: "Mom, what is Ashlyn allergic to?" Me: "Nothing…" E: "Gr. She gets to pet cats." (E laments her cat allergy frequently)  

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“what they wear”

If you ever hop over to my photo blog, you know I've joined a photo challenge this month.  Today's challenge: what they wear. This is Cam, wearing socks that he's been yanking at all day.  You'll notice he's also sporting a new high chair.  This is what I'd like to call Third Baby High Chair.  […]

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how they look (rocky mount, nc, child photographer)

January and February can be challenging months for photographers.  It’s cold outside.  It’s after the fall rush of clients.  It’s time to review policies and business plans and do our taxes…blech.  Basically, it can be hard to shoot. So I joined a photo challenge: Willette’s joy of LOVE.  You can join in, too.  You don’t […]

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