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Monthly Archives: April 2011

all the days. (rocky mount nc baby photographer)

Eight years ago my husband deployed, just as the war in Iraq officially commenced.  I remember being almost literally paralyzed with anxiety, fear of the unknown, and – even grief.  It’s difficult to explain, unless you’ve been through it.  But I guess that goes for most things personal and difficult.  I was almost inconsolable, and […]

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What Can I Say to My Grieving Friend? (repost)

I am reposting this with the book excerpt by itself.  Having gone through the grief process myself, I wish I had had something like this to pass to well-meaning friends. I ran across this page in a book that I thought I'd share with you.  If your friend is grieving, this a good example of […]

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it’s the little things (rocky mount, nc baby photographer)

I’m sure their mother thought I was nuts for bringing out the camera for a couple of infant carriers.  Their session was over, and these twin baby boys were happy and content in their carriers, enamored with the colorful baubles strapped to the handles.  The light was gorgeous, they were gorgeous…I couldn’t help myself. It’s […]

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