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I’ve moved, sort of ( a.k.a. I MISS YOU ALL!

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You've probably noticed I haven't been around for a while now. Sigh. I love this blog. For so many reasons. A journal of our time in war. A catalog of some of my favorite moments with the kids. A place to tell on myself. A spot to park all those fun tutorials. And a way to purge my grief.

And then life got crammed. With photography. Clients, CHILDREN + new baby. A new schedule of schools, gymnastic, dance. So. Much. Stuff to manage. Add to that the fact that Facebook opened up a whole new way to document life – even if in snippets.

And this somehow fell by the wayside.

BUT I MISS IT. I miss my readers, writing and chatting about choices, consequences, fears, hard lessons.

But here's the thing. I can't be EVERYWHERE at the same time. Photography alone almost requires three online presences – Facebook, Blog, and Main site. phew. Who can keep up?

So – for now at least – I'm moving to my photo blog. Well, sort of. The thought of baring all on a site meant for clients will be interesting. But I've thought about it. And I'd like clients to know me better. And me is – well, always right there at the surface. I don't hide much – even from strangers.

So visit me, won't you? WWW.CRYSTALBUTLER.COM/BLOG. I'm also on Facebook.

NON-Superwoman - Just a friendly FYI. Your “visit me” link at the bottom is dead…looks like you combined this blog address with the new one.