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r + g (rocky mount, nc photographer)

I wish upon wish I could take a page from this client’s book.  Everything seems so laid-back and easy-breezy for this family.

I showed up and Mom was all, “The kids are outside, wandering the yard.  Just take pictures of what you see. ”  Really?  Just like that?  Do you know how many prayers I say before every shoot with my kids?  Prayers that they’ll cooperate.  That Ashlyn won’t be grumpy and Evyn won’t cheese out and Cam will be okay…and that I, dear Lord, will just calm. down.

So I ventured out to where they were.

Robert showed me his awesome fishing skills:

Gracie showed me her Cat Impression.  Apparently this is her favorite thing to do these days.  Honestly, she does a good hissing cat:

We went inside, where Gracie played with her Ipad and Robert his toys.  And can you believe they fed me breakfast, too?

Mom told me Gracie isn’t a fan of looking at the camera.  But I promised to play an Angry Bird game with her if she’d look just this once:

Robert was down for whatever.  We had some laughs.

We chatted over coffee for a bit, finished off the rest of breakfast, and I was on my way.

As I pulled down the long path I saw Gracie on a walk with her babysitter and I had to stop:

Thanks for an easy summer morning…

Mom - Oh my. She reminds me of Lynn B. (who taught you how to knead bread when you were 3 years old). Me? I wasn’t this laid back with ONE child, let alone TWO! lol :) (I had to chuckle at the fact that like your Ashlyn, Gracie isn’t a fan of the camera — but you still got great shots — love love love the one with the hogpen — memories of my Grandpa Brown’s farm!)