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and little man makes three. (rocky mount, nc, photographer)


From my chat with Amy, new to this little guy, but not at all new to parenting:

Have you had the “oh my goodness did I leave the baby at home” panic moment in the car yet? Yes, I had to ask Will (the four year old) if he could see his feet in the car seat.

For a little while at least, logistics with three can be an issue.  Do you ever feel outnumbered? A few times.  I’ve found myself nursing in the back seat on several occasions

What thing do you look forward to in the coming months? Sleep.  Is that bad?  I don’t want to wish away the time with the baby but I daydream about sleep.

How do you feel about three? Whole.  I had no idea we had a missing piece until I brought him home. As soon as I got home from the hospital and all my children were together I had that overwhelming feeling that we were finally … complete.

Katie Rutledge - SO beautiful, Crystal! Love them!

Amanda - These are so sweet and beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous photos of the adorable baby boy and his family!!

Amanda LEATHERBERRY - These are beautiful!