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Fall What to Wear, Part 1 (what we’re wearing for our family pics, anyway)

I could have taken pictures of everything but for some reason I decided it would be “easier” to lay it out in a video blog. I will start off by saying that this post is not for the uber fashion-forward.  You guys already know what you’re doing.   This is for the average client who just wants some direction and to put together something with a single trip to the average city mall.

First, a quick overview of what we’re wearing for our upcoming pictures – our colors are violet/purple, gray, and camel.  Nothing groundbreaking. A pretty neutral palette.  We wanted heavy emphasis on the energy in our family session – not as much on our style sense (although I do love those family portraits that showcase a great sense of style).  We shopped at Target, Forever 21, H&M, and friends’ closets.  Yes, putting together clothes costs money.  It’s very unlikely you are going to find everything you need for the family to coordinate in your existing closet, although you can probably find the basics.  For fall, put the new clothes into your kids’ school clothes budget, or plan to make it part of your overall picture budget.  But whatever you do – don’t spend more on the clothes than on your precious images. In the end, the whole point of this is to capture great photos of your family to treasure – not to sink money into a depreciating asset like clothes.  No one ever ran out of a house fire screaming, “grab my riding boots!”

Our outfits (watch part 2 for more in-depth):

What you may already have in your closet that you should use:  Mom/Girls: dark denim skinny jeans or dark trouser jeans, riding boots, Mary Jane flats (little girls) and leggings, Hoop Earrings, stacks of bracelets, great nailpolish   Little boy: dark denim, corduroy, neutral shoes.  Dad: who cares?  Just kidding.  He’s easy.  V-neck sweater or sweater vest or button-down, corduroy or dark denim, loafers or boots.  These are the basics.  You’ll shop for the pops of color you intend to add.

(next post: my in-depth analysis of all things skinny jean.)