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Monthly Archives: October 2011

the year of jubilee (rocky mount, nc photographer)

Meet Christie – I think she might be my red-haired, Southern twin.  Thanks for humoring my questions, Christie!  From our most recent chat: I remember a few moments during our session where you were sitting apart from the kids, watching them play with their dad.  And you were contented and smiling – you said something […]

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seven. (rocky mount, nc photographer)

Impossible. When did this happen? At four, when I really felt like you weren’t my toddler anymore?  Your last year of preschool?  When you finally learned to tie your shoes?  Or when I realized you understood compassion and empathy and grace…and you were willing to give it? When did you stop looking like my baby […]

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Fall What to Wear, Part 2

And now for my overview of our family outfits, alternate ideas, and things to think about as you’re putting your family outfits together – Hold on tight – you’re probably going to wish for cliff notes. Or to jump off a cliff. Wink. If you’re looking for something mind-blowingly fashion-forward, move on. But if you’re […]

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