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Fall What to Wear, Part 2

And now for my overview of our family outfits, alternate ideas, and things to think about as you’re putting your family outfits together – Hold on tight – you’re probably going to wish for cliff notes. Or to jump off a cliff. Wink.

If you’re looking for something mind-blowingly fashion-forward, move on. But if you’re looking for a few great choices that WORK, here you go.
First up, KIDS:

Next up: MOM & DAD:

General Rules (and yes, all rules can be broken. Just know what you’re doing when you break them).

  • Mom can be a whole step dressier than the rest of the family. That means that if Dad and the boys are wearing jeans and nice shirts, Mom can totally pull off a dress (well, leave the dress ON, but you know what I mean).
  • Don’t skip pattern altogether. Pattern and texture add interest (see our outfits as an example).  Avoid large stripes or polka dots – but in tiny doses (tights on little girls) it can be fun.
  • No crocs. Not even on the baby boys.
  • Men: no white socks. (and while we’re at it, no adidas sandals, no white Nike sneakers).
  • Women: Pick things you feel great in and are comfortable in. Don’t wear something you’re going to be constantly tugging into place or that is too short to sit in, and if you’re going to be outdoors avoid dryclean-only attire. Be prepared to sit on the lawn or sit on a dusty step.
  • Color Combos:

  • Neutrals are: navy/dark denim, gray/charcoal, camel/brown, winter white
  • Pops of color: violet/purple, mustard/gold, green, teal, red, ballet pink
  • Put together: red/gray/black | purple/gray/camel | purple/mustard/gray | purple/green/brown | pink/gray/winter white

    Where to go for inspiration:
    Your fashion-forward friend. You all have one – that person who always looks really put together and stylish. Ask her to help you pick through your closet, ask if you can pick through HER closet, and take her with you to the mall.
    “Outfit Section” on clothing web sites – Gap, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Crew Cuts, and just about every major online store has an “outfit” or “LookBook” section on their website.  Lots of great ideas for layering clothing.
    Pinterest. See that red button on the right of the screen —–>? It’s another rabbit hole and you could spend all day there finding great ideas for kids parties, nifty organizational stuff for your house, and clothing trends. I just started a board on my Pinterest labeled What to Wear – I’ve gone ahead and collected some great finds from other folks on Pinterest. Happy rabbit-trailing!

    ***My Best Advice for what to wear to your family session (this can make or break your session)**:

    Wear your a relaxed and confident attitude. This sounds trite and cheesy but honestly, honestly, honestly it’s the truth. In the end, the number one thing my clients notice is not the outfits – its the expressions. It doesn’t matter what body flaw you have – if you bring a calm and contented demeanor and your warmest smile, your images will look great. Of course, after getting your baby to quit screaming, chasing a wandering toddler, or begging your eight-year-old to please. quit. pouting, “relaxing” may be a challenge – but do your best and trust that your photographer is doing hers.