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back seat. (rocky mount, nc, photographer)

I found it tough to drag out my camera this winter.  I don’t typically work for clients during the winter months, opting instead to use the time for the kids’ birthdays, Christmas, and just plain holing up in the house and spending time re-evaluating.  One thing I know: I am going through this odd grieving period – a place of sadness as I watch my children’s legs stretch out of their clothes.  Their faces look a little less chubby.  And although I keep referring to him as such, I know in my head that Cam is not a baby anymore, although I catch myself doing whatever I can to stretch this short time with him just. a little. longer.  And at the same time I am going through a growth stage of my own with photography.  Well, with everything really.  It’s an exciting place to be.

I recently got my camera back from maintenance.  And I decided to just start carrying it with me everywhere.  For a while anyway.  As part of my meditation.  My staying in the moment.  It’s there for me to snap a picture and say, “this happened.”  Something as simple as what Little Man looks like when I look over my shoulder at him in the car (okay, the MINIVAN.  I hate that word.).

Don’t be surprised in the slightest if you see me juggling a toddler, a cup of Starbucks, AND my camera at Target.   Seriously, don’t make fun of me.  I know I’m an easy target on a normal day, lawdhelpme.