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Let the two year old cook.

So I found it.  Something my two-year-old can help me “cook.”  It only takes a tall stool and a few minutes, so it’s perfect for him.  (and in case it’s not obvious, these are courtesy my Iphone)

First, I let him stir the naked noodles.  (yes, my counter always looks that organized)

And squeeeeeze the gooey cheese product.  (we aim for “healthy” but settle for “easy” sometimes)

And stir again.  And it was at this point that I had to keep him from eating straight from the serving bowl and move him on to helping get the plates (conveniently located where anyone over a foot tall can reach – in a lower cupboard.  I’m one part Intentional Parent and one part Lazy Parent).

Sidenote: this is Cam being “resourceful” and “independent” instead of asking for a snack.  They’re supposed to ask permission.  But I think they prefer to beg forgiveness.  And because it’s kind of adorable, sometimes it works.