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the way we were. (rocky mount, nc photographer)

Not too long ago I invited a photographer to come stay with my family for a couple of days.  Basically, to follow me around and photo journal a typical weekend with my family.  I had asked a couple of families some years ago if they had ever considered doing it, hoping they would let me tag along to photograph their daily-ness.  I mostly got strange looks.  Regardless, I thought it was important for MY failing memory to have such images – images to remind me of the way we were.  And I was SO blessed beyond measure by those images.  So much so that I crossed my fingers that someone would hire me to do the same for them.

Bingo.  Just days after my own session, I got the chance to meet and work with someone who had followed my personal blog.  Another one of those the internet-turned-real-life opportunities.  Interestingly, this was something she was looking for.  Casual but pointed pictures of an evening with her family of three (plus pup).

And again one of those times I get to meet an uber-cool couple.  At times I had to remember I was the photographer, not the guest for dinner.  Because they were that fun.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the chance to meet you and photograph all those giggles.  I know these will be a treat to flip through some important day down the road. 

Amy Boring - looooove it!

Elizabeth Cayton - I’ve already said it in text, but just so it’s here for all to see – thank you, thank you, thank you! I love these images & will forever cherish them. they bring tears to my eyes they are so beautiful! it was such a pleasure welcoming you into our home! thank you – I love them!