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Love is…(wall to wall valentines)

My oldest loves all things party-worthy.  Holidays, birthdays, reunions.  And I love the way she folds her brother and sister into all the excitement.  As soon as we flipped the page to February she started what I can only call a Valentine Workshop upstairs in the bonus room.  She’s made daily trips upstairs to work faithfully on little surprises for everyone in the family.

I can honestly say I take more pleasure in finding extraordinary in the ordinary days, but the kids love the hubbub of a good old fashioned holiday.  So James and I obliged this year…with our own little homemade valentines:

They returned the favor with their versions (“I love you <— this much —>”) :

I turned to a favorite verse for decoration (using kid-friendly verbiage to drive the points home):

I absolutely heart when these things pop up around the house unprompted:

It’s been a sweet day…and we have more to come!  The oldest still hasn’t put on the “family party” yet!

Happy Valentines Day from our house to yours…xo

(Valentine Topper via Yvonne Byatts Family Fun blog)