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evyn said

This afternoon as I was passing by the girls, cuddled together under a blanket and watching Stuart Little… E: "Mom, what is Ashlyn allergic to?" Me: "Nothing…" E: "Gr. She gets to pet cats." (E laments her cat allergy frequently)  

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“what they wear”

If you ever hop over to my photo blog, you know I've joined a photo challenge this month.  Today's challenge: what they wear. This is Cam, wearing socks that he's been yanking at all day.  You'll notice he's also sporting a new high chair.  This is what I'd like to call Third Baby High Chair.  […]

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Baby Book: sisters, friends.

Evyn and Ashlyn were enjoying the mild weather outside this afternoon while J cleaned his truck and I rested on the couch.  I heard Ev come inside, apparently to get two cups of water – for the "sit playground" (aka the picnic bench; have I told you she has her own way of describing things?).  […]

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