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Back to School, Sort of

It’s been like college around here (well, if you trade Mary Welch Roger’s Wafflehouse theme songs for your two-year-old pleading "Mommy, Please?" about something she wishes to wear, color, eat, drink, watch or jump onto every 4 seconds or so).  J. is in the process of "turning in his papers."  And we will be out […]

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“Christmas without Christmas Eve”

Today is her birthday.  Tomorrow is mine.  (Almost) Exactly three years apart.  I still remember sitting at the kitchen table when she was about 7 and getting exasperated trying to explain to her why, even though her birthday was the day before mine, I was still older.  That still makes me laugh. My mom jokes […]

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I Still Miss You

I tried several times to write something that would make sense for this post.  I was actually looking forward to talking about my younger sister Lora today.  And then I sat down to write and was barely able to string a sentence together.  So bear with me. Today, it’s been seven years.  There are a […]

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