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almost here…

I can't believe The Boy is almost here.  Little brother.  Our son.  Terms I'm so unfamiliar with.  I wish we had time to get excited and contemplate it all but I'm afraid this little man is starting out every bit a "third child."  Our life is already pretty hectic, and getting worse with James' Guard […]

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Have a Colorful Valentines Day!

Ugh.  For the THIRD year in a row I've remembered that Evyn is having a Valentine's Day party, but forgotten to actually MAKE valentines with her to pass out.  This is supposed to be every crafty mom's favorite holiday – and you'll see little pretties all over blogland – pictures of children with paint and […]

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moving on…but not before taking a minute to remember it all…

  I took a trip to Nashville last weekend to see my grandparents, who are still in assisted living and learning to come to terms with their new life.  Nana has decided to sell the house, which means they will soon be tossing, donating, and selling their things.  It's hard to think about.  The house […]

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friday find: grace

  For 2 1/2 years now James and I have had several ongoing arguments.  Among them: sack lunch.  When we decided to get out of the Army we knew that changing careers would mean a slight decrease in finances at first.  And one of the first things we agreed on was that James would make […]

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Didn't mean to blurt out my latest news that way…there seems to be a lot of whoops going around.  Enter precious baby #3:   I have a lot to tell you…but for now I'll let these first pics of our son sink in.  A son.  It feels as brand new as the first time I […]

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