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with a thankful heart

Today, Evyn and I made some pretzels for snack week at her school and for a woman's Bible study group I'm hosting tonight. This week's topic is anxiety.  A topic that I am all-too familiar with.  One verse that struck me the most was Philippians 4:6-7; where we are given a practical command for power […]

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you’re prettier than you think

So, as a photographer, one of the most important things to me, when taking someone's picture, is to capture the person genuinely, and beautifully.  But it's hard.  Because people are so self-conscious. About their scratches and scars and ears.  And it's just plain difficult to relax sometimes.  I get it.  I'm one of those, too.  […]

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scenes from a hospital

Grandpa was on the fifth floor, ICU.  Nana on the 8th.  I was only there a couple of days, and spent a significant chunk of one afternoon shopping for "rehab clothes" for Nana.  But in the time I spent with them I couldn't help bring out my camera, in part for something to do. Grandpa […]

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losing independence

Last week I made a quick, last-minute trip to Nashville, Tennessee.  Nana and grandpa both fell and broke their hips within a week of each other.  They're lucid.  They have their wits about them.  They've built a life for themselves and have their routines.  They've lived a long, happy life and now it's happening.  They're […]

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“choices have consequences”

It's something that I'm often saying mostly for Evyn's benefit, when she's whimpering in time out or has a favorite toy taken away from her.  So when I was in a hurry to get Evyn to school and got pulled over by the police right. in front.  of her school parking lot, I looked at […]

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