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he was a soldier once

Did I ever tell you James joined the Guard after he got out of the Army?  Well, he did.  The details would bore you but he will not deploy overseas within the first two years of his commitment, and he won't likely stay in the Guard longer than a year or two. Last week he […]

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halloween, part 1

  The night before Halloween we had a sort of Family Night.  James brought home the fixings to make a halloween treat that was way too sweet, but fun to make anyway.    Do these look like ghosts to you?  Evyn did the chocolate-chip-adorning, so some of them came out looking like ghosts and some […]

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SuperMom Lite: homemade baby food

So here's the scoop:  Between Evyn and Ashlyn, I have experienced several disappointing attempts at being SuperMom.  Take breastfeeding – with Evyn, oh the pain!  It was an awful mess that lasted five weeks until the nurse practicioner finally gave me permission to quit (she was gracious enough to see that I needed someone to […]

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trying to remember

I have a horrible memory, it turns out.  If I’ve seen a movie or read a book more than a year ago, I can see or read it again almost as if it were the first time.  This has gone on for a while now, forgetting. I have entire periods of my life that I […]

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the day the cable went out.

I still remember joking with a cable customer service person several years ago after finding out that the waiting list for cable hookup in my godforsaken town was three weeks – “Three weeks!” I shrieked.  “What am I supposed to do for three weeks without cable?  READ, or something?”  I was totally kidding.  But the lady was […]

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