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whatever things are lovely…

I'll admit it.  Sometimes I am a begrudging stay-at-home mom.  Not because I don't enjoy my darlings (and they ARE darling).  But because of the every-day-all-day-ness of it. Sweeping the floor for the third time in twenty-four hours.  Doing laundry and dishes.  Picking up the toys knowing I will be picking them up again in an hour.  Calling […]

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with sympathy: what can I say to my grieving friend?

Thank you for your kind thoughts and words about the loss of my sister.  I always appreciate it that you take time to read my thoughts, ponder it and use it in whatever way you can – whether it's identifying with loss and grief yourself, having a moment of gratitude for the people in your life, […]

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Thank you for the many kind and supportive comments you’ve left.  I have to admit I was nervous about sharing the ugly stuff on a blog that’s usually pretty.  When J. was deployed it felt so much more justified to sometimes blog about depression, anxiety, and the I just can’t feelings.  I didn’t expect to […]

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on the mend

I once had a professor at my very-strict Church of Christ college who said that he thought he existed for the students who hung on the fringes of our school.  He was a reformed partier who married his sweetheart after an unexpected pregnancy decades earlier.  My professor shared these stories with us because he thought […]

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pretty in pink…the accidental father’s day post

When I saw this little tree in Walmart’s ad a few weeks ago, I rushed over and brought one home for our princesses.  E. fell in love with it instantly and wants it plugged in every day.    I left the room after taking these pictures and came back to find E. and Daddy stringing […]

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