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birthday linens & festive bunting tutorial

Several of you have asked how I made Evyn's and Ashlyn's birthday linens, and I did promise a tut.  So here you go!  Dig into your stash or run to the fabric store to start putting your fabrics together.  Don't make the same mistake I did; keep it simple – buy only three fabrics (one […]

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the girlfriend wrap: a truly no-sew, no-fuss handmade gift

It's not too late to give a handmade gift to your friend, daughter, sister, or mother-in-law. An actually-useful gift that I've given and made for myself several times now.  I'm talking about the Girlfriend Wrap – a fleece blanket-slash-wrap thingy that is actually quite pretty. This is about as simple as it gets: no talent, no […]

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slacker christmas decor

This is what you do if you've been collecting Christmas fabric for three years in a row with all the intentions in the world of making stockings and table toppers or other miscellaneous Christmas-themed items…and then it's gotten too late to bother:  fold and stack them in a pretty wire basket and make it part […]

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my proud little homeowner

  A couple of weeks ago, Evyn was flipping through her National Geographic for Kids magazine and came upon a "gingerbread" house she just had to make.  Fond of the magazine-inspired creative process myself, I was anxious to help her vision come true.  The magazine featured fancy gumdrops and smarties and pretty coconut flakes, and […]

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birthday linens

So, someone is turning one year old soon.  I know – EEK!  Per tradition, we will be going to Nashville just before Thanksgiving to celebrate with friends and family.  Which means I need to whip up a set of birthday linens.  These are the fabrics I've chosen for her (including a bit of green you can barely […]

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