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technique: painted “lace” dresser

As mentioned, I am fond of dressers.  I wanted to do E.’s first room in pale colors and antiques and this dresser became a beautiful focal point in the room.  The photographer who took E.’s two-year pictures thought it would make a great prop.  I think she was right. Anyway, here’s how I did it:

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cutting counter anxiety

I call it "cutting counter anxiety."  It’s that slightly panicky feeling I get as the Joann’s Fabric employees at the cutting counter call out numbers that are inching closer to mine.  It never fails.  I could be at Joann’s for hours poring over the math around my newest project, always without a pattern.  But every […]

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Quickie Luggage Tag Tutorial

It's over 3,000 miles from here to there.  We'll be flying to our new destination in just one week.  I can't believe it.  Well, yes I can.  Mm, no I can't.  I don't know.  This is all too much at once.  We will be flying to North Carolina instead of our usual road trip.  Thank […]

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getting ready for southern living

So, a week ago the Army stop-lossed J.  That means the Army basically said, "we’re not letting you out after all."  Not a surprise.  Just a monkey-wrench.  A big, stressful monkey wrench.  J. has wised up about these Army kinks and has discovered it’s better to not tell me until the issue is resolved – […]

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sink or swim

I haven’t been sewing at the same breakneck speed as last year.  Somehow this round of stress, oh, I’ll just say it – depression laced with anxiety – has crippled me a bit.  I’ve tried not to let it get to me.  There are so many things to feel blessed about, I keep reminding myself.  […]

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