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Grieving Today

Both a reminder and a prayer for the hurting : (Sung By ECEE & Salvation) God Cares for Us:  Billy Graham, 9/14/2001 PS: I will eventually have to delete this post to make room in my files.

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**Maj. Jill Metzger FOUND alive!!!**

I’ve introduced you to my Air Force friends Emily (see Sew Domestic #2 post below) and Sarah (2nd picture, far left).  Their husbands know Maj. Jill Metzger.  She has gone missing.  I can’t imagine how ill and nervous her family must be right now.  Please pray for their peace.  But even more, pray for hers. […]

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I went to school with him.

Senator’s nephew killed in Iraq. I didn’t know him well but I do remember him. Phil was a quiet, sweet guy. We graduated high school together.  He and his sister Laura were in orchestra with me.  I can picture him being totally dedicated to whatever he did and I am praying and crying for his […]

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Totally Upsetting

Today the Army announced it will be extending an already lengthy deployment. For civilians who may not understand the above article, here is the bottom line: I have a friend whose husband is attached to the unit mentioned.  She has been running around her house excitedly getting things ready for her Hubby to finally come […]

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An Untold Story: J. Called 19Jul06

J. asked me if I knew anything at all about getting people to the U.S.  I thought it was a random question so I asked why he needed to know.  The Team's intepreters (and many of the interpreters in Iraq) are actually Sudanese refugees.  They speak English and Arabic and have found work as intepreters […]

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