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good bombs

It’s been quiet around here at times, hasn’t it?  A few of you have noticed.  When J. was deployed I had to be careful about that because some of you would think the worst.  I won’t bore you with everything.  It’s been stressful here.  Very. Very. Stressful.  I pride myself on being in control of […]

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Another Brave Soul

I remember the second night James was home.  He was asleep; I was watching t.v.  A story of a fallen Marine came on; his grieving widow (she couldn’t have been more than 27 years old) was telling his story.  And I fell apart.  I almost always cry when I hear of such a death.  I […]

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It’s the Little Things: a Thankful, Joyful Post

It’s in the little things, the joy.  The other day I got to wear heels.  My close friends can attest to my love of all shoes pointy or tall – not always comfy or easy to take care of.  Just pretty.  That’s how I used to like my shoes.  Then I got pregnant, and I […]

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Daddy Catches Up

J. went back to work today.  It was an incredibly rainy week, but we had fun introducing Daddy to our life: First, we taught him how to do E.’s hair: Then, we took him to the thrift store.  I didn’t expect him to actually rummage with me, and it took me 20 full minutes to […]

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Pictures! (and a bonus – J.’s Man Dance)

Click to View J’s Longest Year in Pictures While sorting through his pictures, I came across several video clips.  I found this one from a Kurdish celebration welcoming J. and the Team most amusing: Click to watch J. do the Man Dance – (in case you have trouble finding him, J. is The White Guy […]

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