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I know you’re wondering…

Well, maybe you are; maybe you aren’t.   I haven’t heard from J. in a while.  I was able to talk to him a week and a half ago, briefly.  He let me know that he probably would not be able to call again until he was in the States.   The replacements arrived some time […]

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It’s a Beanie!

Let me start by saying I have a lot I want to tell you, but I have to stew in my thoughts a little before putting them all out here.  The Army is about to give my husband back to me.  Yes, I am elated! Ecstatic!  But it turns out the end also brings a […]

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“Oh, yeah – I got a bronze star” JCalled18Oct06

J. called and I was SO excited to hear his voice.  I LOVE talking to him. (what’s with the ALL CAPS?)  Lately he has been more open about his feelings.  Some of the things he has to say are sad and frustrating, but I’m glad he is able to say them. Today my normally quiet […]

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The Replacements: J.Called11Oct06

There was a comm blackout (sniff, sniff), but J. managed to call long enough to wish E. Happy Birthday and tell me that the Team’s replacements should be arriving soon.  Getting to talk about "the replacements" is always a bitter-sweet milestone for military wives.  On the one hand, it signifies being inches away from a […]

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‘Tis the Season

It’s arrived.  No, not Christmas.  Fall. The season I have been waiting for for almost a year.  J. left for training and deployment in the fall of last year.  I have always thought that I would feel "over the hump" of this deployment when Summer was over, and the chaos that Fall brings filled up […]

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