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“I miss you terribly”: J.Called21Sep06

Army wives are well-trained: don’t bother your deployed husband with your (circle one) depressing/sad/emotional/upsetting  news/stories/feelings.  I have done my best to abide by all the unwritten rules governing Army wives.  But I slipped a little when he called.  Okay, I poured my heart out.  I told him about Paula, who gets a short email from […]

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A Prayer for Your Soldier

To post on your fridge…or your office, or nightstand, or wherever (mine is on the fridge; it’s there, in part, to remind me Whose he really is).  It’s included here as a pdf for print, or in html in case you can’t open it. Download A Prayer for Your Soldier

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Somber Morning

This morning I went to my new Bible study at PWOC, located at the main chapel on post.  As I walked in, I noticed that there were several soldiers lined up, apparently "practicing" for something. I wondered, is there a memorial today?  Military funerals and memorials are rehearsed to precision.  That thought alone made me […]

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Happy 5, J!

I still remember being "set up" by our good friends and roommates Ginger and Jason.  I thought I was doing you a favor; somehow your roommate had gotten it in your head you were doing me one.  Unimpressed with each other, we both thought our roommates had missed the mark entirely.  Three years later we […]

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“Bored”: J. Called 16Aug06

Yay!  So, during Bible study today we were studying the section in the book on our "life’s work" and going over the verse "do everything without complaining."   As I was shrinking in my seat recalling my earlier whiney post, J. called.  Saved by the bell! If you can believe this, he’s bored. (!?!) I guess […]

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