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Sweet Relief: J. Called 07Aug06

[<–Pic of E. talking to Daddy] J. called to tell me that they have made The Big Move and they are now in a much safer place.  He had been in the Sunni Triangle (very pro-Saddam) and he said the people there were just scary. I think that its safe to say that the Team […]

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An Untold Story: J. Called 19Jul06

J. asked me if I knew anything at all about getting people to the U.S.  I thought it was a random question so I asked why he needed to know.  The Team's intepreters (and many of the interpreters in Iraq) are actually Sudanese refugees.  They speak English and Arabic and have found work as intepreters […]

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“Must Have” for Soldiers Deployed in HOT Climates

[this post was originally titled "A Must Have for Soldiers in Heat" and then I realized it sounded like I was about to post something porn-related so I’ve changed it. hahaha] Sorry this isn’t a crafting post (I’m out of town so not at my sewing machine, but I do have some fabrics to show […]

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J. Called 12Jul06

So J. called today (yay!).  It was brief.  J. said it was so hot on his last convoy that the wind felt like "flame throwers."  Apparently, any bit of wind in that kind of heat makes the heat so much worse.  He said he brought out the cooling neck bands my mom had bought him […]

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J. Called: 1Jul06

It was one of our best conversations ever.  J. only calls when he’s got a shift babysitting the radio (the guys have to man the radio 24/7); this particular day the Team went out on a pretty serious mission to try to hunt down insurgents in a village known to be housing them.  By total […]

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