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The Hours

Any Army wife who has gone through a deployment knows these hours – the ones right before they go.  J. leaves very early tomorrow morning, so tonight marks the end of R&R and we’re in the final hours before his return for another grueling six months in the sand.  J. just left to get pizza.  […]

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Neat War Story

J.’s grandfather, James Carter (pictured sitting front left), was a WWII and Korean War veteran.   "Baba" (J.’s name for him) was a tailgunner for 765th Squadron, 461st Bomb Group, 15th Airforce and his crew was shot down in February 1945. Throughout the war, the Squadron’s Combat Intelligence kept historical accounts.  This is from February 1945: […]

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A Little R&R (yay!)

After seven long months away from home, J. is home for a little break.  I feel like I can breathe again – at least for a couple weeks. He does have to go back for another 6 months, but we’re loving having him with us again.  As all Army daddies of little ones do, J. […]

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The Lone Americans: J. Called, Sort of: 05May06

It’s getting increasingly frustrating trying to have a conversation in snippets.  We hadn’t spoken in almost two weeks and when he was finally able to call, we we were cut off three times after only three and a half minutes each time. We spent most of the call repeating ourselves because the reception was so […]

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To Drive or Not to Drive: J. Called 22Apr06

As usual, it was brief.  But he sounded very energized.  He is excited about his upcoming R&R.  He even took time to talk to E. and to ask about her (he hasn’t in a while – apathy usually sets in several months into a deployment).  I asked him if he wanted me to insure his […]

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