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“what they wear”

If you ever hop over to my photo blog, you know I've joined a photo challenge this month.  Today's challenge: what they wear. This is Cam, wearing socks that he's been yanking at all day.  You'll notice he's also sporting a new high chair.  This is what I'd like to call Third Baby High Chair.  […]

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those blue eyes

I think I was about twenty when I met James.  My car had been hit by a deer (yes, it is my contention the deer hit ME) and had already been in the shop for two weeks.  I was at the mercy of my roommate's social calendar if I wanted to do ANYthing.  I'd just […]

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the bad and the ugly…

  I recently took meals to a friend (working mom) who was not used to being home with her toddler for long stretches at a time.  I arrived around dinner time, and the house looked pretty normal – you know, a day's worth of toys scattered about the livingroom.  She's enduring a difficult pregnancy so it's exactly […]

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happy 33! yes, I just told everyone your age.

And now I'm about to show them baby pictures.  You'll live. Hold on, James.  It only gets worse from here… My, you're handsome.  But what is up with that scenic tie?! Love you. PS: you can revisit James' 30th birthday video here

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