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Okay, not really.  It just sounds more fall and cozy than "my computer crashed."  It will be a few more days before my computer is fixed and my software is lined up (and let's cross our collective fingers that my hard drive isn't corrupted), so I guess you could say I'm taking a forced blog-vacation.  I'll […]

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i love your blog (updated)

***ETA: ack!  I can't believe I forgot a couple of other blogs you might enjoy.  So I'll put them here at the top.  Someone here mentioned one of them already: SewTakeaHike.  Two of my favorite finished projects of hers: this "fruit salad quilt" that makes me envious and gives me hope at the same time […]

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crafting whiplash

This is pretty typical aftermath of any creative endeavor, no matter how simple.  I just can't seem to be bothered with the whole pick-up-as-you-go-along method.  It inhibits the creative process, especially since most of my ditties are pretty much made up as I go along.    [sidenote: in case you're wondering why those pictures/mirrors are leaning […]

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seven things

Something I love about blogland is how it creates community across miles and miles.  Lisa at Vintage Sweet Peas tagged me for a little “random” fun.  I am sure my good friends could point out far more random or weird things about me, but here are a few: I have an issue with eating ice […]

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e being good

E. is the true product of a mommy who blogs, and, therefore, takes lots of pictures.  Of everything.  And anything.  Everything is something that could be important.  Every once in a while she’ll ask me to take a picture of her.  This is a picture of Evyn "being good."  No, seriously.  That’s what she asked […]

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