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We’re in our home and I’m back online!  We are still swimming in boxes but we are finally in the homestretch of making this transition. I swear this move is like pregnancy; I really could divide it into "trimesters."  I’ll update you with house pics & all the etcetera soon.  (The above pic has nothing […]

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i miss you all, too

**eta: thank you for all of the book recommendations!  I’ve written them all down.  I also recently found out that our library will purchase books upon request – yay!  Supposedly, there is no limit, but they might change their mind once I get started with my list o’ books… Our house is under construction, so […]

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in limbo

I am a big fan of lists, and I don’t have much time, so here goes: There are bows everywhere here (I remember this from living in Nashville) – on purses, shoes, little girls… I miss my friends and my routine and my neighbors.  Terribly. I actually used the phrase "in a bad way" to […]

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we’re here!

You just don’t know how important the letter "t" is to language until you have to use a library computer with a sticky keyboard that requires literal pounding to eek out the "t".  So I hope you can all appreciate how much work (and muscle) is going into this brief post. Anyway, we’re here (in […]

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love, multiplied

A while ago I was marveling at how much joy my little E. is.  She really is an amazing kid.  And I find myself so full of love for her I wondered how I could love another as much.  You all wrote to say that somehow your heart just grows, and the love multiplies.  We […]

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