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Friday Find: tweetbook & Cozi Family Journal

Do you Twitter?  Use Facebook?  I'm all over the place it seems, here, my other blog, my business site, Facebook…it's all a bit much.  As you can probably tell by my infrequent posting these last few months…so the thought of journaling my pregnancy, or the kids' happenings, on paper is, well, only a thought.  It […]

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for the bride

I love giving gifts with a story…whether it be the recipient's story or even my own.  In this case, I wanted to give a token gift to a bride.  Coffee and cookies…not typical, I guess.  But the thought behind it is sweet, I think.  When James and I first married, we moved from Tennessee to […]

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brought to you by your local photobooth

A couple of days ago the girls had "school picture day."  A proper photo shoot, complete with overanimated photographer, sky blue backdrop, and live bunnies (okay, that part was kinda fun).  Ashlyn and I decided to kill some time at the mall afterwards.  I hate our mall, but I discovered a hidden gem: a grimy, […]

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