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You would think exiting the Army would boost a marriage instantly.  In some ways, it has.  But our relationship has also suffered in all kinds of ways we couldn't have imagined.  We have a beautiful life, some really great friends, and three marvelous children.  But getting out of the Army exposed all kinds of holes […]

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I am slow to post these days but there are so many reasons – three little ones to start with. And my photography business.  Basically, I am running a small daycare and a photography business at the same time, and my husband's schedule has NOT let up (if anything, it's almost worse).  So there is […]

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“because I have three”

That's what I want to get put on a t-shirt or tattoo on my forehead.  It would explain away so much…like why my hair looks like this. Or why there are about 13 coffee cups in my minivan right now.  Or why I am showing up a good 15 minutes later than usual (which is […]

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almost here…

I can't believe The Boy is almost here.  Little brother.  Our son.  Terms I'm so unfamiliar with.  I wish we had time to get excited and contemplate it all but I'm afraid this little man is starting out every bit a "third child."  Our life is already pretty hectic, and getting worse with James' Guard […]

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You can ask her her name, her favorite show, what she likes to eat – the answer for the next couple of weeks will be the same.  She'll squint her eyes and squish her face, exclaiming "Two!" in a sometimes-North-Carolinan but always so squishy-sweet-Ashlyn way.  Evyn taught her how to answer "How old are you?" and since then […]

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