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Didn't mean to blurt out my latest news that way…there seems to be a lot of whoops going around.  Enter precious baby #3:   I have a lot to tell you…but for now I'll let these first pics of our son sink in.  A son.  It feels as brand new as the first time I […]

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it’s here…

Potty-training time.  I don't think she's entirely ready but so far the score is 3:1 ( the accidents are winning, but time will tell…).

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the blankie game

I have no clue what it's really called.  But I remember doing silly stuff like this with my little sister.  Do you?

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this is ashlyn praying

This is Ashlyn praying.  She takes it pretty seriously.  But it's hilarious to watch.  Squeezing her eyes shut, squinting while she tries to peek around the room, mumbling along with Daddy's blessing…      

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sunshine and happiness

Evyn has always been a thinking child.  And a verbal one.  And a dramatic one.  She is going through some phase that resembles puberty – grumpy, wired, happy one minute, totally ticked the next, witty, logical, argumentative, loving…you know.  Miss Rollercoaster of Emotions. This week on the way home from Cubbies she seemed upset.  Well, […]

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