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pizza night

Not long ago we started Family Pizza Night.  It's not an original concept, but I tend to subscribe to the do-it-myself-it's-just-easier method of cooking (and cleaning, and check-writing, and phone-calling, etc).   But I'm enjoying this stage of family life and the better part is how involved Evyn wants to be in pretty much everything I […]

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full throttle

…and she's off folks!  My baby-est of babies is toddling.  Proudly, furiously, and with a purpose. And that purpose is sometimes mischievous…

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how we spent our christmas season

(This post is mostly for me…to remember my favorite Christmas yet, so apologies in advance if my family album bores you a little) Making bell ornaments for the grandparents' trees…   that resembled the ones Mommy made when she was little… Singing carols and giving hugs at the senior center: Brushing Mommy with fairy dust […]

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life goes on

It was Lora's birthday yesterday.  I didn't write a post honoring my sister.  I always do – on her actual birthday.  But our entire family was getting over a major stomach bug and I had gotten behind on laundry etcetera and the words just didn't come. Every time I sat down there was another phone […]

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