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halloween, part 1

  The night before Halloween we had a sort of Family Night.  James brought home the fixings to make a halloween treat that was way too sweet, but fun to make anyway.    Do these look like ghosts to you?  Evyn did the chocolate-chip-adorning, so some of them came out looking like ghosts and some […]

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four (sniff, sniff)

That's right, everyone.  My baby is four.  Those of you who've been reading along for a couple of years now…can you believe how the time has passed?       The cool thing about fall birthdays is all the options for parties – costumes or pumpkin painting or in this case – a pumpkin patch.  This year […]

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signed, Evyn

  I never intended for her bedroom to be yellow – she was supposed to share a room with Ashlyn, remember?  That room is painted a restful, calm lavender. This room is playful, buttery yellow because, well, it was supposed to be a play room.  But Ashlyn didn't sleep well with extra noise.  So Evyn […]

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Okay, still not a real post.  But every time I go into my picture editing software I run across this photo and love it.  So I thought I'd paste it to one of my favorite places: here. Technical issues have been figured out by Dell's very thorough technical support.  If it weren't such a welcome surprise […]

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