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What Can I Say to My Grieving Friend? (repost)

I am reposting this with the book excerpt by itself.  Having gone through the grief process myself, I wish I had had something like this to pass to well-meaning friends. I ran across this page in a book that I thought I'd share with you.  If your friend is grieving, this a good example of […]

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Peace for M.

If you have kids you might already recognize the scene: Ash with a Strawberry Shortcake boo-boo ice pack, bought in such a hurry it still has the plastic tag on it. Yesterday I was at Target, with all three munchkins.  And the two oldest ones were carrying on in the store as usual.  Flitting and […]

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lonely a little

  It's December 11.  Not 12 or 13, Lora's and my birthday's, respectively.  Sometimes 9,10, 11…they're harder for some reason.  People naturally expect that my sister's birthday, or her homegoing anniversary, or Christmas day – that those days are the hardest.  I'm sure for some they are (I know they are for my mom).  But […]

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  I've been wanting to write this since shortly after Mother's Day last year, but I was always waiting for the words to come easily.  This probably won't be as articulate as I'd like, but I think today it's too important to miss saying. I had a bumpy childhood.  We all have, to some degree.  […]

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loss and life

**Update at bottom** It was an average afternoon at the bookstore with my girls and husband today.  Evyn browsed the princess sections, I sat and flipped through gossip magazines (oh, the Jon and Kate fodder…).  Then the phone rang. Ginger is one of my best friends (pictured, center).  She knew my sister.  She was there […]

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